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#1- 334 yards, par 4- On this short par 4 you need to keep your drive on the right side of the fairway to avoid being blocked out by the tall tree on the left. Your 2nd shot will be a short one, go at the pin on this birdie hole!

#2- 378 yards, par 4- You need to draw it off of this tee box to have a shot into the green. Watch out for the creek that comes into play short of the green.

#3- 513 yards, par 5- Hit your driver or 3 wood here to lay up short of the ditch. Go for the green in two or lay the ball up to have a short shot into the green on this birdie hole. There is a bunker left of the green here which will catch any pulled shots.

#4- 310 yards, par 4- The ultimate risk/reward hole. You can try to drive the green on this hole or lay up short with a long iron or wood. This hole really tightens up as you get closer to the green with out of bounds right and trees to the left, so your drive has to be perfect.

#5- 430 yards, par 4- This long par 4 is just straight away so grip it and rip it. Take an extra club on your approach as this hole always seems to play into a breeze.

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#6- 169 yards, par 3- Depending on the wind, this hole can be a bear. There is a creek that fronts the green and a bunker that guards the back left. Aim at the middle of the green and be sure to hit enough club.

#7- 311 yards, par 4- Long hitters can get home on this short par 4. This is a tricky green to putt, especially when the pin is back and right.

#8- 148 yards, par 3- Don’t go at the pin if it is on the right side. Just play for the middle of the green and take par and go. If the pin is on the front and left, go at it and try for a birdie, There is a bunker on the right side that will catch balls that are short of the right side of the green.

#9- 514 yards, par 5- Only the long hitters can get home in 2 here. If you are not by the big tree on the left, lay up to 100 yards and take your par and go. 3 bunkers guard this green.

#10- 347 yards, par 4- This dogleg right par 4 is a birdie hole if you can keep your drive in the fairway. Anything right off of the tee will find the trees with no shot into the green. There are bunkers short on both sides of this green.

#11- 402 yards, par 4- This dogleg left is one of the hardest holes on the course. A creek runs down the left side of the fairway and catches balls that are pulled. The same creek then comes into play on your 2nd shot just short of the green. Take par and run!!

#12- 173 yards, par 3- Don’t be short on this par 3 as you will find the sand. Aim at the middle of the green and hit enough club. This hole generally plays about a half a club more than you think.

#13- 401 yards, par 4- This tough hole is very tight for the longer hitter. Hit something out to the fat part of the fairway so you will have a mid to long iron shot into this green. Left and right are jail off of this tee.

#14- 195 yards, par3- This hole would be tough for the best players in the world. Bunkers guard the right and left of this narrow green. Your long iron or wood better be precise here or you are looking at a high number.

#15- 405 yards, par 4- This dogleg right par 4 is no pushover. Hit it in the fairway for your best chance at par. 

#16- 195 yards, par 3- Another long par 3 with a long, narrow green. Depending on the pin position, this hole can play as much as 2 clubs different. There are 3 bunkers which protect this green.

#17- 491 yards, par 5- With a 3 1/2 acre lake guarding the entire left side of the fairway, do not miss left. The smart play is to hit a long iron or 3 wood off the tee,  and with your second shot lay up short of the creek with 100 yards left to the green.

#18- 499 yards, par 5- This is another hole where you need to hit a draw or a really high tee shot to get over the big tree just off of the front of the tee box. There are 2 fairway bunkers, which guard the right side of the fairway, and 1 that catches the balls that are short. Make sure you stay in the fairway on your lay-up shot as the hole tightens up at the green.

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